Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Still Here

I am still alive, I promise. Some of you I am not so sure about, though. I haven't heard from many people in quite a while.

Well, since we last spoke I have continued to lose weight and am now 45# down since April 22, 2005. I am beginning to regain confidence in myself. I know it is taking a while but you have to understand where I was coming from.

In other news, I am still working my original job and now also have a second job to keep myself entertained on the weekends when my kid is gone.

J has had a bad month with being sick and so have I, I ended up in the hospital for a couple days a week or so ago.

Oh, big news! I got a raise, a whole dollar even. That might help counteract the child support I have to pay for the child I have primary physical custody of. I just love the system.

There's more, but if you want to hear it you can call me, I'm still in the same place.