Thursday, March 31, 2005

Things You Should Consider the Consequences of Before Attempting Just Cause You're Bored

Last night my son went to bed at a reasonable hour. Reasonable being a time not ending in the suffix A.M. So even though I had to get up early for work in the morning, I was not tired. This is when I have the idea to treat myself to a bath, alone. Bathing alone in my house is a luxury as my son really likes water. And since it was going to be a treat I decided to make it extra special and shave my legs.

So there I sat in a shallow tub of water dragging a cheap plastic razor over my flesh and watching my life force spring forth from many little nicks on my legs. Half way through I realize that the shallow tub of water was getting cold faster than I was shaving causing goose bumps to be formed. This only served to increase the number of nicks. So I decided to add more hot water and finished shaving my legs. Well, now I have a tub full of hot water, would be a shame to get out now and waste it all. So I decide it would be fun to see just how much body hair I can remove. This is where the considering of actions should have happened, especially after seeing what the razor had done to my legs. But hey, I wasn't tired and who knows when I will get another untired, single bath. And who knows, it could be fun.

The question I have now had to ponder today is, what happens when it starts to grow out and itch? I have tried this before and remember the itching, but I had more time then to try to maintain it. Alone time. Alone time is now bored time, what has happened to my perception? Must be a the constant rush I get from saving someone's life multiple times a day, makes down time feel that much more uneventful.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The First Step is Admitting

HI, everyone, my name is Robin and I have a few things to admit. These are things I have been needing to admit to myself for a while but haven't. So here goes...

Let's start with the hardest one. Despite my best efforts to control the spread, the invasion is over taking me. It is fact, I have been dreading and expecting it since I was 20. I still remember that faithful day when I found the first one, I called my mom from college just to tell her. She was not as amused as I was. The annoying invasion has now firmly rooted itself and is fueled by the two boys in my life. It is the dreaded invasion of...............GRAY HAIRS. (Gasp!) Okay, I know, there are much worse things in life, but, damn it, I'm not ready. I see them, they poke out at odd moments. I've tried plucking. I've tried coloring. Alas, they win in the end. Don't believe the 'covers your gray' advertising on the do it yourself boxes. And with the plucking, I can't see the back of my head and I know they are hiding there. I used to be able to see them before I cut off all my hair. So it wasn't actually ALL of it, but a lot. I miss it. Wrapping it up in a bun, French twists, handle bars, all that fun girl hair stuff. Now I can barely get it into a ponytail. But when I do get some of it into one, out pops the little white hairs. They stick up from my scalp. So there I am, three fourths of my hair in a pony tail, bottom half a dark brown, top half black brown and studded by little white hairs.

Another item I must admit to, these, my comfy black pants (Thanks, Sis) cannot be worn by me any more. I've tried, I have resorted to only wearing them in the house. To wear them out, or forbid, to work, would only cause a never ending scene of embarrassment. Here is the problem, they no longer fit properly. Now don't get upset at me here, they no long fit because they are much to big. I wear them and if I am not vigilant they fall off my butt, often taking my underwear with them. I don't feel like being known as the supermarket flasher of the valley. Yes, I know your asking, "Why is this nut complaining cause her pants are to big?" I love these pants. When I was first given them they fit nicely, even went so far as to make my rear look a little smaller. They had a nice cut and were easy to wear and went with most every top in my closet (or floor, as they case usually is) Therefore, can you understand why I wouldn't want to give up on them? So with a jubilant heart and a slightly healthier me, I must retire the happy butt pants.

Finally, I would like to announce to myself and the one random person who may happen to read my lonely space on the web, I am no longer a recovered caffeine addict. I have fallen off the wagon. You know, it started with a cup in the morning cause the baby kept me up late or woke me up early and I need to be semi-coherent to work around fire. Then it was a cup before work and one on the way to work. Then I started needing it mornings of my days off. Now I am a full fledged pot a day coffee drinker. Hehe, maybe it is all the caffeine that is helping me to lose weight. Doubt it, this a usual spring occurrence.

So there it is. Things I have not been able to admit to myself. Now they are out there for people to know. The first step is admitting.

Monday, March 28, 2005

You Give Me Fever

Spring? It was here and now it hasn't stopped snowing for two days. First it was too wet and muddy to take the ball of energy outside, now it should be fun. Fresh snow, kinda warm and plenty of daylight. Gotta love spring and the day light. Does wonders for my mood and everyone else's. Can you say spring fever? I know I have it bad this year. Makes me want to be a girl, which only gets me in trouble. Found myself pulling out the curling iron and make-up, the daintier girl shoes and the lighter clothes. Friends of mine were surprised, never having seen me as a girl before. Amusing. As usual the fun wasn't allowed to last for long.

The little man will be three before I know it. The amount and ways he has changed since the last entry is amusing. His development never ceases to amuse me. Who knew? Should have guessed, they are born only with rudimentary instincts and grow into "normal" humans like the rest of us. Has to happen somehow. Guess I never expected it to happen in the leaps and bounds that it does.

I have to laugh every time I hear him saying, "Jelly beans are for decorating, not eating." He must have heard that a lot at day care. Guess they were making Easter decorations.

His latest fascination has been Winnie the Pooh, a nice break from the other stuff, but an obsession none the less. He walks around caring a large stuffed Winnie the Pooh, which he also experimenting with, in a grown up way. Ah, to be young, curious and uninformed. He has been wrapped up in this whole Easter thing for a few weeks, when he first started watching Springtime with Roo. Feeding us pretend fishy oil so we will get our bounce back.