Thursday, March 31, 2005

Things You Should Consider the Consequences of Before Attempting Just Cause You're Bored

Last night my son went to bed at a reasonable hour. Reasonable being a time not ending in the suffix A.M. So even though I had to get up early for work in the morning, I was not tired. This is when I have the idea to treat myself to a bath, alone. Bathing alone in my house is a luxury as my son really likes water. And since it was going to be a treat I decided to make it extra special and shave my legs.

So there I sat in a shallow tub of water dragging a cheap plastic razor over my flesh and watching my life force spring forth from many little nicks on my legs. Half way through I realize that the shallow tub of water was getting cold faster than I was shaving causing goose bumps to be formed. This only served to increase the number of nicks. So I decided to add more hot water and finished shaving my legs. Well, now I have a tub full of hot water, would be a shame to get out now and waste it all. So I decide it would be fun to see just how much body hair I can remove. This is where the considering of actions should have happened, especially after seeing what the razor had done to my legs. But hey, I wasn't tired and who knows when I will get another untired, single bath. And who knows, it could be fun.

The question I have now had to ponder today is, what happens when it starts to grow out and itch? I have tried this before and remember the itching, but I had more time then to try to maintain it. Alone time. Alone time is now bored time, what has happened to my perception? Must be a the constant rush I get from saving someone's life multiple times a day, makes down time feel that much more uneventful.

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