Saturday, August 27, 2005

What a Week

With the sous chef out due to injury for an unknown span of time, I have found my self busting my A** every day this week. I have found new muscles to be sore due to the repeated lifting of large quantities of food. I am trying to look at this as a chance to impress the people that handle what my paycheck might say, but goodness I am tired. I am doing my daily tasks and trying to pick up all the sous chef and make sure the other members of my team get all their tasks done too. Needless to say, I am very glad this week has come to a close. I will try to spend the next couple days not thinking about what work lies ahead next week (wish me luck on that one!). Guess it is a good thing I like my job, just wish I had a little more energy at the end of my shift.

On an up note, J did not cry when I left him at his new daycare today. I got a slightly choked up, "I love you, mommy" but no tears or screaming. Next week we are going to try having him nap before I pick him up. We'll see if this makes him less cranky in the afternoons for me. And even though my new provider completely stresses me out with the rate at which she talks, I am glad to see my son in such a good mood after being at daycare. I have come to believe he has a crush on one of his sitters, the providers 18 year old daughter. LMAO, that's a fifteen year age difference. But she is pretty and has long hair and so far seems very nice. Now how do you explain ROBBING THE CRADLE to a three year old? As long as he is happy and healthy, I guess.......

J is still cute as ever and his hair is growing in nicely, did I mention his dad shaved damn near all of it off? At the rate it is growing you might not be able to tell he had no hair in a month or so.

On the Subject of J, the center of my universe, he has become very lovey with me lately it feels good. As usual, I hope I am doing things right for him.

I guess it is now technically Saturday, I should stop thinking about the job and the kid for a couple hours and focus on me for a bit sop that I am rested and rejuvenated to do it all again on Monday. Goodnight(/morning) all.

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