Sunday, July 10, 2005

Raise Your Glass To More Odd Dreams

Over the past week or so I have had some very odd dreams every night. They have ranged from the mundane world changed by an out of place event to the completely whacked out. Here is a synopsis of the dream I had last night that I would categorized as completely whacked.

If only I could remember the beginning of my dream then maybe the part I do remember would make more sense. I know that many of the parts arose of conversations I have had over the past couple days, but how my mind put them together into that sequence of events baffles me.

Enter myself and another person, we are on a mission to save my son from kidnappers who are gassing him. We make a stealthy entrance into the room. I run in dodging bullets and holding my breath. There I grab my limp son from his bassinet. I run out carrying him unfortunately needing a breath. I feel a calm come over me as I inhale the gas into my lungs. I get him to the safety of my waiting van and collapse dizzily from the gas' effects. My son begins to regain his color and normalize his breathing and drifts off to sleep.

At this time I am transformed into a 6 year old boy being praised for the care I take of my son. I gingerly carry him in an infant seat to his crib and gentle get him out of the car seat and comfortably off to sleep.

Now the other rescue hero and I go down the hall (I am again transformed into a young woman) to a movie theater in the building. We sit down and I worry how my child is. The movie begins to play when a 911 call comes over the intercom. No one seems to pay attention at first. Then it bleats again and the announces states that all patrons with children will receive their money back if they go to her office. I am about to spring out of the theater to grab my precious son when I wake.

I am aware there was a lot more dream before these particular events but I unfortunately do not recall them. I also have a vague memory of having another dream that I was awoken from by a mosquito at 4 o'clock in the morning. Now why couldn't I have woken up before the darn thing bit my right eyebrow?

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