Saturday, May 21, 2005

You'd Think I Would Update More

I have nothing but free time, as I am unemployed. I ended up leaving a job I loved dearly to move to Anchorage. Not for the first time, but the second, and still I cried. I cried the first time too. Who knew I would love a job that payed so little to do so much. I got a lot out of it then just a paycheck though. I met lots of new and interesting people, had a number of interesting conversations.

But seeing as I am unemployed, I am also short on the fundage side of this. Not that it is really all that new, so I don't go out much. Add to that the fact that my license is currently suspended and I am encountering a couple difficulties getting it back, and you get one sad me.

There is a third obstacle in my adventures in the world. It is an amusing turn of situations, but makes for me also being around the house a lot.

So in the end I am at home a lot and not otherwise occupied (excluding minutely lifesaving maneuvers) so why don't I update more?

Good Question.

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