Saturday, April 09, 2005

I am Fricken Going to Cum, I Love the Internet

As I sat waiting for the wrist-slitting slow opening of my yahoo on a dial-up, I noticed the little ad for recipe feeds you can add to your 'my yahoo' site. So I decided to click on it and add that service to my little part of yahoo. I only expected one or two rarely updated feeds. I was wrong. I know have multiple daily recipes, along with blogs. All these new fun interesting recipes delivered to me, without having to search. New creative things I may have never thought of or looked for.

Along with recipes (much better than novels), the internet provides me with countless hours of entertainment. Especially on days like this week when my son is sick and I am stuck at home. I get to talk to adults and entertain and educate my brain. Or just fill it with more useless information, take your pick. Either way, I am kept from being forced to clean the house again out of sheer boredom. I can now sit on my butt and surf.

I love the internet!

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