Monday, April 11, 2005

I Don't Care

I have a horrible sinus headache and the cold medicine I took isn't working.
I don't care.

My muscles are sore and my bones feel achey.
I don't care.

I am tired and cranky from working all day.
I don't care.

The fingers in my left hand are numb and cold.
I don't care.

You are sick.
I care.

You sleep fitfully in my lap, slipping in and out of consciousness. Mere minutes of wakefulness and sleep. Often when you wake, you wake suddenly, blurting out the last line of dialog from your dream. I laugh to myself and try to figure out what you are dreaming. I love these little peeks into your unconscious.

Your poor little limp body, ravaged by fever. I stare at you, wishing I could take your pain, even though I already share in it. The sweet, quiet, endless potential I see in your face brings tears to my eyes. I wonder how I can help you fulfill your dreams. I am curious to find out what those dreams will be.

Rest and regain your strength, my little man, the feeling will eventually return to my arm. But I won't care if it doesn't, so long as you return to your happy healthy self.

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Robin said...

Another cold medicine induced post.