Friday, April 15, 2005

Lack of Sleep = Superwoman?

Thanks to my complete procrastination I spent last evening preparing my taxes. Translation, I sat in front of the computer for way too long being annoyed because, in my case, it might have been faster to file a paper form. Okay maybe not, but until now I never new the annoyance that is entering all the information off of way too many W2s. So, needless to say, I managed about four hours of sleep before having to get up and function. I work early in the morning (Read, before 7 AM) and had to find a way to not injure myself while handling sharp or hot objects. My solution? Lots of strong coffee. Usually this would just turn me into a shaky tired person, but seeing as I have regained my addiction to caffeine I managed to stave off the shakes and just be sleepy. None the less I found myself completing all my required tasks at work along with a few to prepare for tomorrow and some other side work, to ward off boredom. After work I return home to clean out my storage until, wash and fold to loads of laundry, cook a nice meal, wash the dishes and now write a bit. Why do I get the feeling I am going to be completely useless tomorrow at work? I don't have to e in until a very reasonable hour but I'm sure my human alarm clock will get me up in time to see all of the Saturday morning cartoons. Guess I am just amused by how much I did get accomplished today, despite my lack of sleep.

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