Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm a Bitch, I'm a Lover, I'm a Child, I'm a Mother

Nature has a way of being purely evil. As is known my son has been very sick, pink eye, chest cold, strange colored mucus pouring out of his nose and fevers. Yesterday in a hail of red puke (Don't be alarmed, it was just the Tylenol Cold I gave him) his fever broke and since then he has been back to being his usual holy terror. What is so unfair about this is I now have what he had minus the pink eye, knock on wood. I feel like I am swimming in a muted sea. My ears pound with my own heart beat, loud sounds send shooting pain. And as any parent of an almost three year old will attest to, I hope, is that they are one giant loud sound at this age.

Being a mom I have to still care for my recovering, over-energetic son while dad is at work. Though I would love nothing more than lie in bed with a jug of O.J., a box of Kleenex, a warm blanket, the T.V. remote and an ungodly supply of cold medicine.

So these are the people I have been cycling through today. A bitch, because I do not feel good and so don't want to deal. A lover, because I must still be a caring wife. A child, because I want attention and I want it now. Take care of ME! A mother, because this job has no real quitting time.

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