Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Peanuts and Fridgehead

It is difficult for me to keep my composer when I hear some of the things my son says. He is doing the best he can with the abilities he has right now and I want to encourage his efforts, but some of it is just so darn cute.

Today he and I were sharing a Fridgehead, or soda ice (hee hee), and Jaden was trying to use the straw to suck. He stopped and sighed, "Too Heavy." How precious. It was his attempt at saying it was too thick to suck through the straw.

Then he comes up with wonderfully delightful mispronunciation, like wroof and peanuts, or Pooh A Princess. These are the terms he uses for Roo, penis and a Winnie the Pooh movie that has nothing to do with princesses, it is the Halloween one.

I have a friend who tells me stories of her grandbaby who is about Jaden's age. Her granddaughter is learning sign language and came up with the statement, "Daddy's airy shirt" for a shirt with holes in it. Now that is precious.

So Jaden, I don't laugh at you because I believe you to be unintelligent, it is quite the opposite. I laugh because you make these wonderfully unique associations (like, shopping cart train) that show how you are working to organize the complex subject of language in your fresh brain. And your just so darn cute. High strung, extremely active, quite the "boy" and cute.

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