Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Time to Admit This Too

I am admitting this to myself and the world, I am in love. Madly, passionately, erotically in love with a man. He is a tall man and sexy, although bald. He is strong and muscular, though gentle. He has helped me with many problems and still comes back for more. I do not know how I have lived my life up till now without this man in my life.

His name is............Mr. Clean.

Today while shopping with my mom, she insisted that I try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Can I tell you? This shit is great. I have cleaned stuff that has been eluding my previous attempts at removal. And Crayon, can I say enough about crayon removal? I managed to get that grunge off my kid's high chair, the grubby stuff off of the front door, made a dent in the crap on the stainless steel toaster oven. I even got most of the crayon off of the unfinished wood bookcase. The poor 'brick' is now a tiny shred, mostly because of my attempt to get the nasties off of Jaden's car seat. It was trying there but may require a little more effort. But hey, I can't expect true miracles.

Boy, I feel better getting that off my chest and the funkies off my stuff! (Happy Dance)

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